fiction: SHORTS

SHORT FILM _ 2020 _ In distribution


Jorge is visited by his future self who has travelled back in time to prevent his girlfriend leaving him and proposes a plan to avoid it.

Jorge recibe la visita de una versión futura de él mismo que ha logrado viajar en el tiempo. Vino para advertirle que su novia (Karen), va a dejarlo por otro sujeto y le propone un plan para evitarlo.

The internationally and several times award-winning short film called BLANES ST AND MULLER has participated in more than ten festivals around the world. 

Among the festivals are the Miami film Festival, BAFICI (best american short) and LALIFF.

It’s available for all countries, except US.

DIRECTOR: Nicolás Botana

Producers: Lucía Moreira, Nicolás Botana

2020, 15 min. Comedy, Fantasy and Drama



SHORT FILM _ 2020 _ In distribution


After his wife tells him about a dream in which was sexually asphyxiated by another man, Juan with OCD becomes obsessed and confuses reality.

Cuando su mujer le cuenta que soñó que estaba siendo sexualmente asfixiada por otro, Juan que tiene TOC, se obsesiona y confunde la realidad.

LABYRINTH has been internationally recognized in several festivals. It’s now going through its festival ran. 

It has been shown in US, Canadá, Italy and Uruguay.

It’s available for all countries.

DIRECTOR: Piter Moreira

Producers: Lucía Moreira, Piter Moreira

2020, 15 min. Thriller, Horror & Drama


SHORT FILM _ in development


Florencia is in crisis with her boyfriend. While studying in a café, she runs into her ex, whom she has not seen for a long time. Between coffees and pastries, they tell each other all the things they could never say before.

Florencia está en crisis con su novio y no logra responder sus mensajes mientras estudia en un café. Allí, por casualidad, se encuentra con Leo, su ex, al que no ve hace tiempo. Entre cafés y masitas, se dicen lo que no habían podido.

UNA VEZ MÁS (Once again) is the first short film written and directed by our in house Producer, Lucía Moreira

Shooting: 2021

DIRECTOR & Screenwriter: Lucía Moreira

Producer: Lucía Moreira

2021, 10 min. Romantic Drama. 

fiction: FEATURES



A sinister gravedigger plays host to four horror stories,each directed by a different first time filmmaker.

El Sr. Fettes es el guardián del cementerio y sus secretos. Entierra los difuntos de día y los desentierra de noche. Conocido como Vampus, le gusta leer comics de terror que entiende como amorosas con su particular toque de necrofilia. Vampus nos introduce en cuatro de esas historias que transcurren en diferentes lugares.

We produced this feature in the first opening after the quarantine. It was produced between January and August 2020 and by September was premiering in Spain. 

In a few weeks will premiere in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Velasco, Isaac Berrocal, Erika Elizalde y
Piter Moreira y Víctor Matellano.

Production company: Argot films, with Wild Duck Productions, ViMa pc, Raccord Films, Infilmity y RedRum.

Produced in Spain and Uruguay

2020, 99 min. Anthology horror and Drama

Sales Agent: One eyed Films


FEATURE FILM _ in development


Benja is shy and insecure, with one thing clear: he wants to be with Gabo, so he accepts his invitation to spend the summer having parties with his friends. There he starts to get closer to Gabo, but meets Pedro, a local boy who attracts him for his transgressive philosophy. During that summer, Benja will reflect about who he is and his bond with Gabo.

Benja es tímido e inseguro, y tiene una cosa clara: quiere estar con Gabo, entonces acepta su invitación a pasar el verano haciendo fiestas con sus amigos. Comienza a acercarse a Gabo, pero conoce a Pedro, un chico local que le atrae por su filosofía transgresora. Durante ese verano, Benja se replantea su lugar en el mundo y su vínculo con Gabo.

Ahora sos un hombre (Benja) is a project in advanced development. We are looking for a Main producer to carry it on. 

Its an universal story about a boy who grows up and everyone can connect to.  

WRITER: Diego A. Parra

Production in charge: Lucía Moreira

100 min. Coming of age romantic drama, LGBT. 

FEATURE FILM _ in development


A passionate but peniless producer is forced to accept an offer to work on the first movie of an inexperienced and egotistical Screenwriter who is taking his first steps at directing.

Una productora apasionada que gastó todos sus ahorros en un su último proyecto se ve obligada a aceptar un trabajo con un director de cine egocéntrico y sin experiencia. Sabe que el proyecto será un fracaso y el director la ningunea, pero necesita pagar las cuentas. Deberá decidir si vale la pena seguir trabajando por amor al arte.

Por amor al arte (Shoestring budget) is a story the audience will feel connected to. We have all experienced the struggles of working in what we love and trying to answer our calling, but finding it too difficult and not being able to make a living.

We are looking for co-producers. 

DIRECTORS: Lucía Moreira & Janine Zaruski

Producer: Lucía Moreira

2023, 90 min. Comedy & Drama. First film.

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